Transformation ‘U’ – Webinars coming in 2020!

Transformation University or Transform ‘U’

Welcome to Transformation University, a series of web-based courses specifically designed to guide you toward peak performance in leadership and life.  Each course will highlight key aspects to launch your professional and personal life to the next level! Course offerings include:

N – Novice/Beginner: 0–3 Years experience in leadership
I – Intermediate: 3–7 Years experience in leadership
E – Executive/C-Suite: 7–10 Years experience in leadership
  • All curriculum guides and resources

  • Facilitated direction through an online platform

  • 8 hours of instruction (A FULL-DAY of professional development!)

  • Meets once per week for two hours (7-9pm), for four weeks

  • Includes one, 1-on-1 Coaching Session by VCG Certified Coaches

  • Certificate of Completion & Badge

  • Podcast Bundle in EVERY Course!

  • Low cost of $379 per course (plus 7% NYS Tax)

  • Bundle Courses & Save!: Take any 6 for $2,100 ($274 Savings); Any 9 for $3,100 ($311 Savings); All 12 for $4,000 ($548 Savings)

  • Team Discounts Available!

Schedule & Curriculum Guides:

January – Level I/E
Building & Leading High-Performing Teams

Meeting Dates/Times: January 6, 13, 20, 27; 7-9pm EST

Course Description:  It’s no coincidence that the most successful organizations function optimally because of how they manage and lead their teams.  In this course, we’ll explore 10 vital traits of high-performing teams, and uncover how to maximize and optimize your team’s skills as you build toward peak performance!

Week 1:  Characteristics of Teams & High-Performing Teams

Week 2:  Leveraging Individual Strengths & Team Strengths

Week 3:  Synergy & Alignment

Week 4:  Safety, Threats, and Peak Performance

February – Level N/I
Leadership 101: Strategies for Unlocking Your Potential

Meeting Dates/Times: February 3, 10, 17, 24; 7-9pm EST

Course Description:  Sometimes we seek leadership, and other times, leadership finds us.  In this course, we’ll take a deep dive into the very basic tenets of what it takes to be a leader, and transition thinking and mindsets from that of being a manager/supervisor, to actually being a leader.  

Week 1:  Orientation to Supervision, Management, & Leadership; Self-Awareness & Communication Styles

Week 2:  The Transition of Influence, Giving & Receiving Feedback, Time & Project Management

Week 3:  Problem Solving & Critical Thinking, Collaboration & Delegation

Week 4: Leading Through Conflict & Change; Professional Development & Accountability; Goal Setting for the Future

March – Level N/I/E
Leading Through Conflict

Meeting Dates/Times: March 9, 16, 23, 30; 7-9pm EST

Course Description:  Why is it that some of us can engage in critical and difficult dialogue, and some of us shy away from it?  It’s because we weren’t built for conflict when it comes to viewing conflict from the lens of either ‘winning or losing.’  Often times, leaders sabotage their abilities with this dreaded mentality. Worse yet, some leaders play the “Blame and Shame Game” in order to avoid the real issues.  In this course, we’ll teach you the tools for calling upon your courage when you need it the most, offer strategies for getting through the tough times, and executing your conversations with precision! 

Week 1:  The History of Conflict – Why Humans Survived; Causes and Effects of Conflict in the Workplace;  How Conflict Reinforces Culture

Week 2:  Why Safety is Important; Staying Focused on the Issues; Leadership Derailment; The Stories We Tell Ourselves (Self-Fulfilling Prophecies of Dysfunction)

Week 3:  Safari Leadership!  Leveraging the Moment and Hiding from the Stampede; Understanding our Triggers and Designing Strategies to Address Them

Week 4:  Assigning Responsibility for Communication & Conflict:  Keeping You & Your Team Accountable

April – Level N/I/E
Book Club #1: “Conquering Sisyphus: Embracing the Journey Toward Transformational Leadership”

Meeting Dates/Times: April 6, 13, 20, 27; 7-9pm EST

Course Description:  The ability to lead in a competitive and complex global environment takes talent and a defined set of skills.  Yet, why is it that so many organizations fall short in meeting the needs of their employees? This book offers a holistic approach to leadership and provides a pathway to obtain a renewed vision of potential for you, and your organization.  Using the Greek myth of Sisyphus as a platform for learning, this book asks one basic question: Why do we keep repeating our mistakes? Much like Sisyphus, who was relegated to pushing a boulder uphill for eternity, only to have it roll back to the bottom, we seldom create a system to stop the patterns that stunt our progress.  Empowering and challenging, the journey toward transformational leadership embraces the capacity of making a difference in the lives of those you lead, through selflessness, and compassion.

Week 1:  The story of Sisyphus, and Why Transformational Leaders Aren’t Like Him; Defining Transformation, and Transformational Leadership

Week 2:  Choosing the Path of Transformational Leadership; Providing a Vision

Week 3:  The Power of Inclusion; Building Your Team and Developing Relationships

Week 4:  Expressing Compassion & Embracing Selflessness

May – Level N/I/E
The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Meeting Dates/Times:  May 4, 11, 18, 25; 7-9pm EST

Course Description:  As human beings, we have a vast array of emotions that can be an asset to our success. From passion to vulnerability, these emotions drive us to discover the best in ourselves, and others.  However, as human beings we also have the ability to emotionally, and literally, destroy the world around us. In this course we’ll access the work of Dr. Daniel Goleman and unpack the five areas he developed that all leaders need to keep their eye on.

Week 1:  The Big Six of Emotional Intelligence – Who, What, Where, When, Why, & How to Leverage your Emotions; Self-Awareness

Week 2:  Motivation & Empathy

Week 3:  Social Skills

Week 4: Self-Regulation & Putting it All Together

June – Level N/I/E
Leading Through Change

Meeting Dates/Times:  1, 8, 15, 22; 7-9pm EST

Course Description:  “Change is GREAT…as long as it doesn’t affect me!”  Perhaps the most skillful art of leadership is how leaders go about managing change in their organizations.  More often that not, change is thrust upon us with little to no warning – making the idea of change a two-fold process; dealing with the change, and simultaneously managing it.  This course will address the causes and concepts of change, theories of how and why people deal with it in unique ways, and find the low-hanging fruit to understand change with an entirely new perspective.

Week 1:  Why Change and Innovation Matter:  Preparing for our Best Future; Risk Tolerance & Rewards

Week 2:  The Impact of Change on Culture:  Four Theories and Why They Make Sense

Week 3:  Embracing Change as a Mindset

Week 4: Managing & Leading Change in Your Life

July – Level I/E
Book Club #2: “Leading with Virtue: Competencies for Contemporary Leadership”

Meeting Dates/Times: 6, 13, 20, 27; 7-9pm EST

Course Description:  “Leading with Virtue” is an exercise in honesty.  Which virtues guide your personal and professional lives to lead others?  Are they moments of courage, acts of solace, compassion, or selflessness? How do leaders offer grace through intention and humility?  These are the competencies of contemporary leadership. This book and course will challenge you to embrace leadership through deliberate action and decisive communication, so that you can live and lead to your fullest potential. 

Week 1:  Calling Upon Courage & Leading with Intention

Week 2:  Summoning Solace & Gravitating Toward Grace

Week 3:  Honoring Humility & Seeking Selflessness

Week 4:  Cultivating Compassion

August – Level I/E
Creativity & Disruption: How to Harness Your Superpower Ideas & Save the Planet!

Meeting Dates/Times:  August 3, 10, 17, 24; 7-9pm EST

Course Description:  Energy.  Passion. Vision.  These are the three pre-requisites for enrolling in this fun, playful exercise in creativity!  In this course, we will accept any and all ideas that you bring to take your life and business to ultimate joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction.  These ideas should be powerful enough for you to move the needle in your personal or professional life, and perhaps even your industry. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!  WE MUST CAPTURE ALL THE IDEAS POSSBILE AND DELIVER THEM TO THE WORLD BEFORE THE CLOCK RUNS OUT! ARE YOU READY?

Week 1:  Creativity & Finding the Zone:  Understanding Your Peak States and Using Them for Good; Disrupting Your Industry and Re-Shaping Expectations

Week 2:  Phase I - Brainstorming Session I; Focusing on Results, Purpose, and Action Planning

Week 3:  Phase II - Brainstorming Session II; Focusing on Results, Purpose, and Action Planning, and Strategic Positioning

Week 4:  Phase III – Disruption:  Sharing of Superpower Ideas to Save the Planet!

September – Level I/E
Innovation, Optimization, & Maximization

Meeting Dates/Times: September 7, 14, 21, 29; 7-9pm EST

Course Description:  To weather any personal or professional storm, you MUST innovate!  Innovation is what might differentiate you or your business that keeps your clients coming back.  Optimizing your strategies to create synergy and alignment makes you and your business that much more prepared for maximizing your bottom line.  In this course, Dr. Vinciguerra will explain the tried-and-true strategies that take you to the next level!

Week 1:  Business Basics:  Knowing your ideal customer and knowing what business you are in.

Week 2:  Raising the Bar: How to make the most of your market and disrupt your competition

Week 3:  Differentiation, and Why it Matters; Optimizing Systems

Week 4: Opening the Floodgates of Potential!

October – Level N/I/E
Book Club #3: “The Tao of Leadership: Essential Lessons in Wisdom & Purpose”

Meeting Dates/Times: October 5, 13, 20, 27; 7-9pm EST

Course Description:  In this final Book Club Course, Dr. Vinciguerra will once again share his writings by accessing the teachings of Lao Tzu’s epic work, The Tao Te Ching.  As today’s generation of leaders are challenged in many ways, The Tao of Leadership offers lessons focused on servant leadership, illuminating the lives of others, cultivating a rooted system in humility, and an empowered journey toward reaching your leadership potential guided by wisdom, and a pure and purposeful soul.

Week 1:  Lessons 1-20

Week 2:  Lessons 21-40

Week 3:  Lessons 41-60

Week 4: Lessons 61-81

November – Level I/E
Executive Leadership: The Pathway to the C-Suite

Meeting Dates/Times: November 2, 9, 16, 23; 7-9pm EST

Course Description:  This program is designed to deliver results for individuals in pursuit of the C-Suite. Content for this program includes Delegating Responsibilities, Strategic and Innovative Planning and Thinking, Building a Culture of Resilience, and Leading and Building High-Performing Teams. 

Week 1:  Setting the Stage for Growth & Career Evolution:  Must-Do’s for Taking the Next Step; Understanding Your Industry:  Patterns and Themes; Playing Nostradamus: How To Forecast With Precision & Elevate Your Value

Week 2:  Strategic & Innovative Planning & Thinking; Imaging Your Culture, Building Your Brand

Week 3:  Delegating Responsibilities; Loading the Bus:  How to Build Your Team and Leverage Talent; Leadership Resilience

Week 4:  Building a High-Performing Team Through Safety & Trust

December – Level N/I/E
Next Level Life!: 5 Five Keys to Unlocking Your Passion & Purpose in Leadership & Life

Meeting Dates/Times:  December 7, 14, 21, 28; 7-9pm EST

Course Description:  With the New Year around the corner, it’s time to take stock in all that has been accomplished!  Then again, it’s time to think critically about what we want for our future. This course will guide you through a 5-Step process to set the stage for a revolutionary new you in the New Year! 

Week 1:  This Magic Moment!:  Identifying the Secret Sauce to Your Success; Understanding your Potential & Finding Your Bliss

Week 2:  The Psychology of Success:  Why Your Mindset Matters

Week 3:  Getting the Results and Life You Deserve

Week 4: Moving from Job to Career to Vocation: Your Ultimate Vision & Purpose