Student-Athlete Leadership Academy (SALA)

Vinciguerra Consulting Group is proud to present a comprehensive leadership development program for high school student-athletes.

The Student-Athlete Leadership Academy (SALA) is designed to INSPIRE future leaders and EMPOWER student-athletes with the necessary and vital leadership skills for their future.  This developmentally appropriate curriculum is written, designed, and organized to facilitate conversations about leadership through the lens of sports and athletics.  With 25 ACTION-ORIENTED MODULES tailored to build a solid leadership foundation, student-athletes will explore their potential and engage with each other through a multitude of hands-on, team building activities to strengthen their understanding of being an effective leader.

Modules Include:

Module 1:       Accountability

Module 2:       Adversity

Module 3:       Aptitude

Module 4:       Attitude

Module 5:       Character

Module 6:       Coachability

Module 7:       Competitiveness

Module 8:       Keeping your Composure

Module 9:       Communication

Module 10:    Confidence

Module 11:    Courage

Module 12:    Desire, Drive, & Determination

Module 13:    Self-Discipline

Module 14:    Emotional Intelligence & Excitability

Module 15:    Focus

Module 16:    Goal Setting & Action Plans

Module 17:    Motivation & Inspiration

Module 18:    Passion

Module 19:    Resilience

Module 20:    Being a Role Model

Module 21:    Sacrifice

Module 22:    Sportsmanship

Module 23:    Being a Team Captain

Module 24:    Vision

Module 25:    Work Ethic