Conquering Sisyphus: Embracing the Journey Toward Transformational Leadership

The ability to lead in a competitive and complex global environment takes talent, and a defined set of skills.  Yet, why is it that so many organizations fall short in meeting the expectations and needs of their employees?  

This book accesses the ancient Greek myth of Sisyphus, and relates it to leaders and leadership. Sisyphus was condemned to rolling a boulder up a mountain for eternity.  The problem was that every time he managed to roll it to the top, it rolled back to the bottom.  In leadership, and sometimes in life, people repeat their mistakes.  

The challenge that we face in leadership, and perhaps in life is to avoid repeating those same mistakes. Readers will work to identify their 'boulders', and discover strategies to address those aspects in their life that inhibit, deny, stop, or stunt personal and professional growth. Light-hearted and honest, it provides a pathway for consideration by approaching leadership through a different lens, and to work toward becoming transformational through a holitstic approach to leading others through the gifts of humility, selflessness, and compassion.  

Each chapter is assembled in the same way with definitions to anchor ideas, narratives, short vignettes, critical and courageous questions, and a quote to tie it all together. Conquering Sisyphus is about evolving - it is neither prescriptive, nor clinical in its intent.  

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“The premise behind Conquering Sisyphus as it relates to transformational leadership asks us to pause and consider the boulders in our professional lives. Whatever they could be for you, they are likely different for somebody else. Pushing through your boulder is hard, but it’s also empowering.”
— Conquering Sisyphus: Embracing the Journey Toward Transformational Leadership

The Tao of Leadership: Essential Lessons in Wisdom and Purpose

As leaders work toward discovering who they are, there are often struggles. This book aims to guide leaders who are in the midst of that journey and desire a deeper understanding of what they are working toward. Accessing the teachings of Lao Tzu in his ancient work, the Tao Te Ching, leadership lessons are plentiful. These include the ability to let go of the ego, seeking clarity in the chaos, building the necessary foundation of a resilient spirit, and embracing compassion for the human condition.

Leading with Virtue: Competencies for Contemporary Leadership

Leading with Virtue is an exercise in honesty. Which virtues guide your personal and professional lives? Are they moments of courage, acts of solace, compassion, or selflessness? How do leaders offer grace through intention and humility? These are the competencies of contemporary leadership. This book will challenge you to embrace leadership through deliberate action and decisive communication, so that you can lead to your fullest potential.