High School Leadership Development Academy (HSLDA)

Vinciguerra Consulting Group is proud to present a comprehensive leadership development program for high school student-athletes.

The High School Leadership Development Academy is designed to inspire future leaders and empower student-athletes with the necessary and vital leadership skills for their future.  This developmentally appropriate curriculum is written, designed, and organized to facilitate conversations about leadership.  With 25 action-oriented modules tailored to build a solid leadership foundation, student-athletes will explore their potential and engage with each other through a multitude of hands-on, team building activities to strengthen their understanding of being an effective leader. 


Modules Include:

Module 1:       Accountability

Module 2:       Adversity

Module 3:       Aptitude

Module 4:       Attitude

Module 5:       Character

Module 6:       Coachability

Module 7:       Competitiveness

Module 8:       Keeping your Composure

Module 9:       Communication

Module 10:    Confidence

Module 11:    Courage

Module 12:    Desire, Drive, & Determination

Module 13:    Self-Discipline

Module 14:    Emotional Intelligence & Excitability

Module 15:    Focus

Module 16:    Goal Setting & Action Plans

Module 17:    Motivation & Inspiration

Module 18:    Passion

Module 19:    Resilience

Module 20:    Being a Role Model

Module 21:    Sacrifice

Module 22:    Sportsmanship

Module 23:    Being a Team Captain

Module 24:    Vision

Module 25:    Work Ethic