Vinciguerra Consulting Group (VCG) is dedicated to TRANSFORMING leaders and the businesses they serve. From entry-level leadership development programming to advanced, comprehensive, and contemporary leadership models, VCG is delivers world-class training!

Founded in 1999 as Intelligent Consulting, Dr. Scott Vinciguerra celebrates 20 years of experience taking individuals and organizations to the next level through authentic and honest conversations. VCG’s expanded services and programming meet and exceed client expectations in an ever-changing, complex business environment. VCG has a variety of exciting programs designed to take you and your team far beyond your existing vision. Your company deserves to have a competitive advantage!  Join us for an OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE that will guarantee RESULTS with PURPOSE and a DEFINED and COMMITTED PLAN to get there. A multitude of HANDS-ON, ENGAGING platforms exist for individuals, teams, and organizations to participate in leadership development training, including on-site, workshop, or conference style settings.   

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“I really didn’t know what to expect when I began the program with Dr. Vinciguerra, but the ability to connect with the deep thoughts inside me, to bring out the maximum effort inside me, to reach my potential in the areas of mental preparation and peak performance – I owe that to Dr. Vinciguerra! He was essential in my ability to reach my life goals of becoming an Olympic athlete, competing on the world stage at the highest level, and I can’t thank him enough for helping me get there!”
— Anthony Watson, 2018 Winter Jamaica Olympian


Inspired Leadership with Dr. Scott Vinciguerra Podcasts, Fall of 2019!

Join Dr. Scott Vinciguerra for a series of MOTIVATIONAL and INSPIRATIONAL LEADERSHIP PODCASTS, on his podcast channel, Inspired Leadership with Dr. Scott Vinciguerra. Each message will no doubt offer listeners a chance to explore a variety of topics designed to move the needle toward transformation in your personal and professional life. Stay tuned for more information on how to access the podcasts in September, 2019. Podcast Schedule: Leading with Virtue: Competencies for Contemporary Leadership (9/9); Discovering Your Leadership: The Big 6 of What I’m Supposed To Do as a Leader (9/23); Leading Through a Culture of Change: Keeping Cool While Your Hair is on FIRE! (10/7); The Tao of Leadership: Essential Lessons in Wisdom & Purpose (10/21); Leading Through Conflict: Getting to the Other Side with My Integrity Intact (11/4); The Resilient Leader: Sustainable Energy = Sustainable Results (11/18); Field Trip!: Time to Build Your Team for the Ride (12/9); This Magic Moment: Celebrating 2019 and Creating Momentum for 2020! (12/23).