According to his clients, he is “Uncompromisingly devoted to discovering the optimal leader you need to be to transform your life, and lives of those you lead - giving YOU the keys to unlock your future!” With a career spanning over 20 years presenting INNOVATIVE and IMPACTFUL leadership consulting services to thousands of participants from around the world, in sectors of business, government, civic, educational, not-for-profit, and CBO’s, Dr. Scott Vinciguerra knows LEADERSHIP!  A former international professional basketball coach, faculty member and administrator in both public and higher education, and entrepreneur, he combines HUMOR with COURAGEOUS QUESTIONS and CONVERSATIONS.  

Scott has published several professional articles, and has twice presented qualitative research at the internationally prestigious Learning & The Brain Conference, sponsored by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, and the Harvard University Faculty Club.  His first book, Conquering Sisyphus:  Embracing the Journey Toward Transformational Leadership, offers readers a DEVELOPMENTAL and HOLISTIC approach to the capacity of making a difference in the lives of those you lead, through HUMILITY, SELFLESSNESS and COMPASSION. His second book publication, Leading with Virtue: Competencies for Contemporary Leadership, addresses how the virtues of Courage, Intention, Solace, Grace, Humility, Selflessness, and Compassion play a role in contemporary leadership. In his most recent book, The Tao of Leadership: Essential Lessons in Wisdom and Purpose, he teaches readers strategies of SERVANT LEADERSHIP, by illuminating the lives of others, cultivating a rooted system of in HUMILITY, and designing an EMPOWERED JOURNEY toward reaching your PEAK POTENTIAL guided by a wisdom and a pure and purposeful soul.  Look for his upcoming release: Safe Harbors: How Great Leaders Nurture Inclusive, High-Performing Teams in the Fall of 2019. All publications may be purchased through this website or on Amazon.com.  

Dr. Scott Vinciguerra embodies the true spirit of Transformational Leadership, coupled with a warm and professional teaching style. It is a pleasure to work and learn with him on all levels of Organizational Leadership.
— Ben Robbins, Director of Sales, Selflock Screws