Dr. Scott Vinciguerra has spent nearly 20 years presenting innovative and impactful leadership consulting services to thousands of participants from the business, government, civic, educational, not-for-profit, and community-based sectors of industry.  As a former international basketball coach, faculty member and administrator in both public and higher education, he combines a sense of humor with courageous questions and conversations.  

Scott has published several professional articles, and has twice presented qualitative research at the internationally prestigious Learning & The Brain Conference, sponsored by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and the Harvard University Faculty Club.  His first book, Conquering Sisyphus:  Embracing the Journey Toward Transformational Leadership, offers readers a developmental and holistic approach to the capacity of making a difference in the lives of those you lead, through humility, selflessness, and compassion.  Look for his new release, Leading with Virtue: Competencies for Contemporary Leadership, addresses how the virtues of Courage, Intention, Solace, Grace, Humility, Selflessness, and Compassion play a role in contemporary leadership.  Both publications may be purchased through this website or on Amazon.com.  

Dr. Scott Vinciguerra embodies the true spirit of Transformational Leadership, coupled with a warm and professional teaching style. It is a pleasure to work and learn with him on all levels of Organizational Leadership.
— Ben Robbins, Director of Sales, Selflock Screws